Do I need to be super fit?

No not all, we welcome a variety of fitness levels and there will be plenty of time for you to relax and recover from the workouts. Each workout is programmed in a way to allow you to work to your own abilities and pace, and our specialised trainers are always on hand to provide alternatives to exercises to suit you. We encourage our tribe to participate in each workout, but you always have a choice to take some down time. We embrace a wholistic approach towards wellbeing and personal growth, not just fitness.

Can I still come if I’m travelling alone?

100%! Tribe X is all about meeting a new tribe or growing your old. Travelling alone is one of the best ways to meet new people and become part of something bigger. The tribe awaits you with open arms and you’ll leave with bonds and fellow tribal travellers for life.

What's the difference between a ``Private Double Bed for 1``, a ``Double Bed for 2” and a “Single bed/ room sharing”?

A ‘Private Double room’ has one (1) Double/King bed in the room. You can take the room as a 'single occupancy' and the whole room to yourself. A ‘Double Bed for 2’ has one (1) Double/King bed in a room. You can book the room with a friend/partner who you will share the bed & room with. A ‘Single Bed/Room Share’ generally has Single beds in a room which you share with other guests (usually the most fun!).

Are all meals included?

Absolutely! Tribe X retreats are all inclusive, so we will be providing 3 healthy meals per day. Our in-house personal chefs will make sure you’re served nothing but the finest food, using fresh ingredients and incorporating as much local produce and cuisines as possible. We are all about health and wellbeing, so we want to make sure you are fuelled and well balanced from the inside and out. We do cater to special dietary requirements, just let us know when booking and be sure you will be well looked after!

Is there any ‘free' time to do my own thing?

We always schedule down time in our itinerary, allowing you plenty of time to explore or relax by the pool, soak up some sun and enjoy the beach. It’s a retreat and your enjoyment is what it is all about. Please be sure to ask our expert organisers for any tips or suggestions on local travel secrets!

Is alcohol allowed on the retreat?

Yes, we offer a discounted alcohol package as part of the retreat. There a plenty of fun evenings built into the schedule, but don’t forget your workouts in the morning.

What is the minimum/maximum age?

The tribe welcomes all ages 18 and above. We have something for everyone and you may just surprise yourself in the next adventure.

Are flights and transfers included in the price?

All prices are exclusive of flights. The flights are your responsibility, but we are happy to guide you on the best value offerings at the time of your booking. Just press the WhatsApp chat button to speak to one of our tribal guides. We will be waiting for you at the airport to transfer you to and from our luxury accommodation, and you never know the mode of transport we will leave that as a surprise!

Travel Insurance?

As a precaution we encourage all our guests to make sure they have sufficient insurance to cover any and all aspects of the trip including getting to and from your retreat, and any activities you take part in.

How do I book flights?

Who you book and fly with is totally up to you. We can recommend using SkyScanner.net as they are very competitive with pricing. Don’t forget to check your local discount airlines as well.

For any other queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@mytribex.co or press the WhatsApp (icon) and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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