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Spain, Ibiza


A place full of soul and spirit, Ibiza is one of our most sought-after retreats.

Ibiza has many magical and mystical spots, each said to have their own healing powers and spiritual qualities, and so many people are drawn to the island when seeking solace and comfort, or are looking to transform their life.

Upcoming Retreat

Tanzania, Zanzibar

Exotic | Adventurous | Spirited

Zanzibar is one of those incredible exotic destinations which has everything. Unbelievable natural wonders, water sports, a warm community spirit and secret treasures our tribe will discover. The retreat includes yoga, Calisthenics, Meditation, Kite Surfing and all in between island hopping to different adventures.

Tribe X is ready to guide you to new experiences help you release good energy and have loads of fun that create life long memories. A must do, Zanzibar with Tribe X is truly unforgettable.

Upcoming Retreat

Mexico, Tulum

Exotic | Adventurous | Spirited

The popular travel destination has attracted visitors from around the world due to its rich heritage & breathtaking sceneries. It is truly a sight to behold!  Our Tulum retreat includes a variety of activities such as Yoga & Meditation sessions, Mayan cultural experiences and Ice Bath methods.

Experience beautiful Mexico with TribeX this March and make not only memories but become a part of a family you can cherish forever! How can one forget the crystal clear blue waters and sandy beaches on a trip like this? Let us bring it to your attention that the gorgeous water is the star there!

Upcoming Retreat

South-Africa, Cape Town

Exotic | Adventurous | Spirited

Our Cape Town retreat is not to be missed. With delicious and diverse cuisines and so many activities for all ages.

The Stunning natural landscape as well as a wealth of historical sites, café culture and beautiful people, this retreat will be one to write home about.


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Mexico, Tulum

South Africa, Cape Town

Spain, Ibiza

Tanzania, Zanzibar

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Our solution is to help build new habits and forms of engagement for your teams that are working from home. We have created a virtual structure, whereas employees and team leaders can use this within their day to day activities, this will ultimately help increase their mental & physical well-being as well as add to their knowledge and engagement while boosting company productivity and employee morale.


I saw TribeX on instagram and decided to join Zanzibar retreat, my intuition was telling me it will be a great adventure and yes it turned out one of the most awakening experiences of my life! Imagine a week that everything is planned for you, you don't have to worry what to do, where to see, where to eat and also having your own time as much as you want. The beautiful souls i met there means a lot in my spritual journey. Thanks to TribeX team for this incredible experience. No exaggeration, i am not the same person before Zanzibar and after Zanzibar. Plus, i learnt to overcome of my fear of being alone in the nature:) Hakuna Matata! Can't wait to be part of a retreat again.

— Irem

It was my first time visiting Zanzibar and to go with Tribe X was just amazing. From the accommodation to the people on the trip it was a beautiful experience. The perfect balance of an organized retreat and independent travel, there were plenty of activities to do, but if you wanted to relax that was also on the agenda. I loved it.

— Jo Farrer

My tribeX experience in Zanzibar gave me the opportunity to re connect with myself, connect with others & most importantly disconnect. From sunrise to sunset to dancing in the night, from yoga to circuit training, kite surfing, the program is taken care of by the team there onsite. There’s a huge opportunity for you to donate, give charity, give back, show gratitude, but also an opportunity for you to take care of yourself. I had the time of my life and 12 random strangers became 12 members of my new family. I am coming back with a huge smile my face, and having been all over the world and been on many of these programs before, this one was special. Hakuna Matata is what they say in Swahili, here it means “no worries” and with my opinion with Tribe X, it means “No Worries” Enjoy!

— Edward Wiese

My favourite part of my TribeX experience was the exhilarating sense of freedom I felt from the moment I was picked up from the airport. With everything taken care of, I had nothing to think about, and no worries - or Hakuna Matata as they say here in Zanzibar. I was free to be myself and was so grateful to be doing so in such beautiful surroundings and with such a warm and welcoming community of people. I had a blast connecting to strangers that became friends whilst sharing delicious food, mesmerizing nature and the tropical ambiance of the island. Feels so good to be part of the Tribe!

– Fidan Huseyni

It was so nice not to worry about what activities to plan, what to eat and how to fill my day. Not only did I arrive at a new, amazing destination, the accommodation was beautiful, the people were kind and welcoming, & the food was outstanding. My favourite part of the retreat was when we visited schools and the local village and connected with children on a personal level, not only did Tribe X have 3 entire suitcases full of new clothes to donate, we also had the opportunity to chat to each child and feel like we were making a difference. This was truly special. 5 stars!

– Kim Maiolo

I went into the vacation, not knowing what to expect, I didn’t know anyone, I came in alone & I ended with a new family of 14 people. The retreat had feel good vibe & I can’t stop talking about the trip, I had such an amazing time. If you have the opportunity to do it, go in with an open mind, both spiritually and mentally and you won’t be disappointed. You will have an amazing time with TribeX. I can’t wait for the next one

— Tala Obeidat


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