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Mexico, Tulum

Tulum, Mexico

History of Tulum

The Mayans (13th – 15th century)  constructed and inhabited the last great city, Tulum. It was a place of adoration for the Great Descending God, whose image is depicted in the temples. Tulum was especially important for maritime trade, particularly obsidian trade. For trade purposes, tribes from all across Mexico and Central America would come here. It is stated that the city’s great wall was built to keep out envious traders and pirates who sought to take advantage of the city’s strategic location.

Tulum Now

For decades, the allure of ancient Mayan energies, along with the allure of natural wonders and historic places, has drawn spiritually oriented visitors. Tulum has grown from a sleepy beach village with a few roaming yogis and artists to a flourishing tourism hotspot. Modern hotels and amenities are now accessible, but don’t worry, the Mayan spirit is still alive and well. Here’s how to get the most out of your trip to Tulum. We hope you enjoy yourself!


The essentials, the most popular survival Spanish travel phrases and vocabulary you’ll need on your trip, are listed below.

Best wishes on your journey!

Don’t be concerned if you make a mistake: most individuals will do their best to understand you and ensure that you understand them. Simply give it your all, and they will gladly return the favor.

Buenos días — Good morning

(BWEH-nos DEE-ahs)

​​¿Cómo está? — How are you?

(COH-moh es-TAH)

Bien, gracias — Good, thank you

(bee-EHN, GRAH-cee-ahs)

Por favor — Please

(pohr fah-VOHR)


Gracias — Thank you



Do you think you’re better prepared for your journey now? You’ll get the most out of your vacation if you pack these Spanish travel phrases and words with the rest of your supplies!

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Book Tulum Retreat Now!

Experience beautiful Mexico with TribeX this March and make not only memories but become a part of a family you can cherish forever! How can one forget the crystal clear blue waters and sandy beaches on a trip like this? Let us bring it to your attention that the gorgeous water is the star there!

Typical Costs When Travelling.

When you come with us, almost everything is taken care of, however, it is nice to be prepared for the little extras that you will want to buy along the way.

$50 USD is the visa arrival fee, this is better to have cash, however, card is also excepted (our advice is to have cash).

Tulum’s currency is the Pesos, they also accept USD $ , however, to get the best out of your money, it is best to have a little of both.

Tulum town is rather pricey for souvenirs, so best to buy them from the street vendors and beach stalls.

Depends on how much you want to buy (and drink) however we would advise around $30 USD a day, to be safe.

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