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Giving Back

MyTribex Giving Back

Travels are Xperiences that you live through other cultures, embracing new places, emotions and exchanging flow of energies by finding yourself yet being part of something global.

Tribe X proudly works with the amazing Renos Fountoulakis, founder of CR Hope Foundation (see photo above) who is enabling you to Xperience these moments of complete freedom. Our aim is to guide you to a path of self-discovery through adventure, well-being and selfless giving. We are also careful to nurture a sense of community interaction, being part of a wider global tribal Xperience.

All our retreats are designed to engage the local indigenous community. We ensure our purchased products, activities and services give back to the local community in some way. Most of our experiences include community help programs and or a percentage of proceeds being donated the local indigenous communities we interact with.

Xperience giving, contribute to something bigger than ourselves, join our global travel evolution live your and find your tribe…Tribe X.

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