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Explore Corporate Wellness with MyTribeX

Virtual Team Building

Our solution is to help build new habits and forms of engagement for your teams that are working from home. We have created a virtual structure, whereas employees and team leaders can use this within their day to day activities, this will ultimately help increase their mental & physical well-being as well as add to their knowledge.

Corporate Retreats

Team building is knowing how to help individuals work as a cohesive group where all members feel invested in the direction and accomplishments of the team. All members have input towards developing goals and defining the steps to take to reach those goals. Everyone is able to work together to achieve the group’s objectives.

Corporate Wellness

Helping your employees create an inspiring goal or increasing their excitement from within the workforce can help them achieve their results and company goals. We cover a variety of exercises such as team building, posture correction, diet plans, stress relieving, muscle strengthening and various challenges.

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