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Corporate Retreats

MyTribex Offers Corporate Retreats

Come and discover the perfect balance of holistic well-being while bringing your team closer together and building them stronger than ever!

Holistic Health Coaching

Yoga / Meditation / Tapping

Team Building Activities & Challenges

5 Healthy Meals

Accommodation – 2 Days / 1 Night

Accommodation – 2 Days / 1 Night

All Personal Training Sessions & Equipment


Photo & Video

Team building is knowing how to help individuals work as a cohesive group where all members feel invested in the direction and accomplishments of the team. All members have input towards developing goals and defining the steps to take to reach those goals. Everyone is able to work together to achieve the group’s objectives.

Topics Covered

Communication – Effective communication plays an important role in keeping the team together and makes the work atmosphere positive and lively. Team communication helps to develop understanding and increase productivity among team members.

Problem Solving – A problem solving exercise or game helps identify those strengths and builds problem solving skills and strategies while having fun with your team! Problem solving games aren’t for just any team. Participants must have an open-mind and accept all ideas and solutions.

Building Trust – Organizations cannot develop or maintain lasting employee trust, but people can. Team building activities are organizational strategies, practices and policies that can help promote trust, which is an interpersonal experience that supports sustainable productivity.

Strategic Planning – The strategic planning process is much more than a document that lays out your organization’s strategic plan. The process itself begins with your people. By including your team in the process early on, they will better understand your organization’s vision, mission and goals.

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