Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 13th, 2020 – Tribe X was founded in 2018 by a Dubai resident and local entrepreneur. Coming from a corporate background, his goal was to change the narrative of his own life, and while doing this, in others’ lives as well. Almost half (45%) of the workforce’s in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reveal that they are worried about their long-term health, most of the UAE workforce acknowledge they could do more to improve their health, with over half (56%) admitting their diet needs improvement and three quarters (75%) saying they need to exercise more.

Increasing pressure in the workplace is having a significant impact on how people prioritize their health. Half (50%) of UAE employees surveyed admit that they often feel stressed because of work.

Long and inflexible working hours may be to blame, as nearly a third (32%) say they don’t have time to be ill or take a holiday.

It is for all of these statistics above that Ala Lababidi decided to create luxury wellness retreats and corporate wellness packages that cater to busy Dubai locals and residents that take the stress out of planning a holiday and have everything catered for.

From the moment that you land in the destination (2020’s list includes, Zanzibar, Oman, Cape Town, Slovakia, and Thailand) everything is included; with luxury accommodation, the option to choose private or shared rooms, tailored activities to the destination, as well as catered meals and dietary requirements, Tribe X’s goal is to focus on the Mind, Body, and soul.

An average day on the retreat may look like this- wake up, early yoga and meditation session, followed by a boot camp/exercise session, with the afternoon involving exploring the local surroundings, water sports, and other tailored activities.

All activities are voluntary and included in the package, there is plenty of downtime as well.


On the last day of the retreat, Tribe X and its guests visit local schools, that (depending on the destination) they have had a hand in building and donating money and time to help develop these areas. As well as the school visits, there are always around 200 kg’s of donated clothes, as well as toys and school supplies that the guests and Tribe X staff bring to the children and spend the day getting to know them and how they live.

This philanthropic activity is ingrained in Tribe X’s core and is one of the underlying beliefs that also helps these retreats to stand out from the competition.

The world is changing, with retail and luxury goods being the old way of spending and travel being the new.60% of affluent earners spend more than $15,000 a year on vacation or leisure travel, 30% spend more than $10,000 on jewelry, & 20% spend more than $8,000 a year on arts and entertainment.

Tribe X is a travel evolution, designed for those seeking diverse travel experiences and a sense of belonging to something greater. Combining health, spirituality, fun and adventure in the world’s most Xotic destinations.

Join the Tribe. My Tribe X

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